Drone Vault Integration Support Auth Mechanisms

I’m trying to use the drone vault secret extension to pull secrets from our vault cluster. since we are running drone on AWS EC2, I was hoping to use vault’s native AWS auth mechanism, but haven’t had any success. Looking at the source code, I only see any special handling for the kubernetes auth mechanism.

Would you expect the AWS backend to work, or is Kubernetes the only one that is supported by the drone/vault container right now?

Kubernetes is the only authentication backend supported at this time (in addition to standard vault tokens). Additional code would be required to support a new backend.

Thank you for the quick response. Would it be possible to add this information the documentation? That would have saved me quite a bit of research.

If it would helpful, I can open a PR with update, if you can point me at the 1.0 docs repo. I can only find the archived 0.8 docs at https://github.com/drone/docs