DRONE_USER_FILTER for organizations and bitbucket cloud does not work?

Title says it all…

individual users, yes, works fine - organization, well I cannot figure out what would be the correct value here for a bitbucket workspace? is there a particular syntax to use? Really do not want to create a config file with all my users in them…


Drone makes an API request to the /2.0/teams endpoint which returns a list of teams that your user account has access to. Drone then checks to make sure that you are a member of a team that is listed in the DRONE_USER_FILTER configuration parameter. If you are member of a team in the list, you Drone account is created and you are authenticated, else you are rejected.

Here is the code where we make the API call:

Here is the code where we enforce team membership before allowing a user to login for the first time:

I ran a quick test and was not able to reproduce any issues with this particular feature, but would accept pull requests if you think there is opportunity for improvement.

Thanks! Well, it looks like that endpoint is deprecated as of now:

Going to turn debug on my server and see if I can see the response. If there is still one maybe i can align it with the correct value.

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Still an issue today… :frowning:

Hi @Martin_Herren, welcome to Harness community :tada:

Can you elaborate the issues you are facing?