Drone unable to push images to docker hub using secret

Hi, I’m using drone docker. while push the image i am getting below error

Successfully built 909b68077ff1
130 Successfully tagged 990b62acba367ec99a018ace3f7d881bc5ca1d54:latest
131 + /usr/local/bin/docker tag 990b62acba367ec99a018ace3f7d881bc5ca1d54 registry.hub.docker.com//dronewiseapi:latest
132 + /usr/local/bin/docker push registry.hub.docker.com/
133 The push refers to repository [registry.hub.docker.com/********/dronewiseapi]
134 f8a233135789: Preparing
135 6c319d6cc458: Preparing
136 97ec5b0abb87: Preparing
137 00bcabc31815: Preparing
138 2db44bce66cd: Preparing
139 denied: requested access to the resource is denied
140 time=“2019-09-16T10:36:20Z” level=fatal msg=“exit status 1”

my secrets

drone secret ls --repository varkala/eksdroneapi
Pull Request Read: false
Pull Request Write: true

Pull Request Read: false
Pull Request Write: true

my .drone.yml file is like this,

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: default

  • name: builing_wiseapi
    image: java:openjdk-8-alpine
    • ./gradlew clean build

to push docker image into dockerhub

how to overcome from this problem

the username / password should be defined in the settings section, not the environment section. For syntax examples please see http://plugins.drone.io/drone-plugins/drone-docker/