Drone UI very high CPU usage because of animated SVG spinner

Drone UI currently uses animated SVGs for the spinning icons indicating job status
Chrome and Firefox don’t have GPU acceleration for SVG animations -> run them entirely on CPU and not very efficiently at that (SVG animations are a second class citizen…).

Having a tab with Drone UI with active/pending job in it results in:

  • 50-70% CPU load on 1 core in Chrome (checked on ver 78)
  • 80-100% CPU load on 2 cores in Firefox (checked on ver 70)

Tested on a laptop with i7-8550U CPU, verified GPU acceleration was active in both browsers.

Please replace those SVGs with simple, animated GIFs - I know using CSS transitions might be tempting, but not all transitions are GPU accelerated yet…

A handful of relevant bugs in browsers:


tbh i personally don’t need no animation.
a gif would work too even if it’s not as crisp.

but i can confirm the issue, have noticed that as well, though apparently it’s a little less “bad” for me.

I am also experiencing this issue.

The SVG for the animation can be optimized on a way that GPU acceleration be used to can offload the high CPU usage. See here: Can SVG animations use less CPU? | fjorge