Drone UI / UX theme from PixelPoint team

These are mockups courtesy of the team at PixelPoint. They have generously donated their time to work on a new theme with improved UI/UX. Here are some sample screenshots.


So is this going to be part of v1.0? Or is there a “theme installation” that we can do to try this out and contribute?

this will end up being the default theme, but I am working on a documented / official way to provide different themes. Very early stage prototyping is happening in this branch.

Loving this!

Thanks PixelPoint!

This is lovely! I wasn’t able to start the branch, haven’t fully figured what is wrong, but I’m looking forward to give this a try once it will be more ready for prime time.

Is there work done on mobile/standing widescreen display configurations? It will be very annoying to “maximize” the build log all the time unless is some kind of reactive layout…