Drone step can't run binaries?


I’m using drone to apply some terraform using github plugin. But, after I initialize my terraform (and install all binaries) it seems that can’t run this binary (from the github plugin for terraform), as you can see bellow the error message:

Error: Failed to instantiate provider "github" to obtain schema: fork/exec /drone/src/.terraform/plugins/linux_amd64/terraform-provider-github_v2.9.2_x4: permission denied

There is some tries that I already did:

  • put privileged: true
  • put user: root
  • change owner, group and mode for this file using chmod and chown

There is anything I’m missing here?

My basic step on drone.yml

- name: terraform-test
  pull: always
  user: root
  image: hashicorp/terraform:light
  privileged: true
  - terraform init
  - terraform plan

Thank you in advance!

Have you found a solution to your problem?

I am running into a very similar issue, if not identical. I’ve tried the same things that you have, but to no avail.