Drone sign not a thing in 0.7.0

Following the secret guide here: http://readme.drone.io/usage/secret-guide/

It tells me “Drone does not expose secrets to your build unless the Yaml file is signed and verified. You can sign the Yaml using the command line utility and committing the .drone.yml.sig file to your repository.”

Except sign isn’t a subcommand in 0.7.0. I had to go back to 0.5.0+dev. So either the docs are wrong or the app is wrong or something.


     build     manage builds
     deploy    deploy code
     exec      execute a local build
     info      show information about the current user
     registry  manage registries
     secret    manage secrets
     repo      manage repositories
     user      manage users
     help, h   Shows a list of commands or help for one command

The signature was removed as of drone 0.7

The documentation migrated to docs.drone.io. The documentation at readme.drone.io is out of date and only in place temporarily, for some legacy reasons. Please use docs.drone.io as the canonical reference for documentation.