Drone-s3 plugin erroring out in drone v 1.0.0 environment


I tried to run the drone.yaml with one of the tasks leveraging S3 plugin, it was running properly with out any issues in 0.8.6 environment, but when executed from 1.0.0 the following error messages were thrown by the S3 plugin, not sure what is the issue

time=“2019-06-24T22:44:08Z” level=warning msg=“AWS Key and/or Secret not provided (falling back to ec2 instance profile)”

time=“2019-06-24T22:44:08Z” level=info msg=“Attempting to upload” bucket=us-east-1 endpoint= region=us-east-1

time=“2019-06-24T22:44:08Z” level=error msg=“Could not match files” error=“file does not exist”

time=“2019-06-24T22:44:08Z” level=fatal msg=“file does not exist”

Please provide all of the following details so that we can advise further:

  1. a copy of your yaml
  2. the output of drone secret ls <repo>
  3. the output of drone build info <repo> <build>

Also you mentioned you are using Drone 1.0.0. Please note 1.2.1 is the latest version. We recommend staying current with the latest release to ensure you benefit from the latest fixes and features.