Drone running on Kubernetes, how to use drone-runner-docker as well?

We use drone (installed via Helm) on a K8s cluster, most pipelines are kubernetes pipelines. Occasionally people want to use the docker pipeline, which uses the drone-runner-docker I believe. Is this possible? Would we need a dedicated AWS machine (outside k8s) to run the drone runner docker? How should this be configured/ Thanks.

Hi Eric, yes, you can install both the kubernetes runner and docker runner at the same time; the Drone server will route pipelines to to the appropriate runner based on the type field in the yaml. We generally recommend installing the Docker runner on a vanilla VM with Docker installed. However, if you prefer to keep everything on Kubernetes, you could provision a Pod that includes the drone-runner-docker image an docker:dind image; the runner would execute pipelines using Docker in Docker. I do not have a spec for the latter, but a member of our team is working on a Helm chart for this, which will be available as early as end of next week.

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Fantastic! Thank you…

Did the help chart ever get created?

found it: charts/charts/drone-runner-docker at master · drone/charts · GitHub

But the notes say that the pipeline should be docker? Am I looking at the right thing?