Drone runners based on repositories

Hi all,
I have multiple repositories for which I am running drone runners, now I want to specify my runners to specific repositories.
lets say I have 2 repositories and 3 runners, I want to fix runner 1 for my first repo and runner 2 and 3 for my second repo. Is there any way to do this?
any guidance would be great help. thanks!!!

You can add labels to your runner, and then configure your yaml to route pipelines to runners with matching labels. See Routing | Drone

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thanks @bradrydzewski for your guidance, it help me a lot.
If you can guide me with another thing, is it possible to store cache in runners, I am running unit tests in my pipeline and it takes almost 20 minutes for executing only my unit-tests pipeline.
my sample pipeline is following:

  • name: test-social
    pull: if-not-exists
    image: node:15
    depends_on: [ clone ]
    • yarn install #something for “yarn install” as it is executing in my other pipelines as well
    • yarn test

caching in Drone is handled through plugins. You can check plugins.drone.io to see if there is an existing plugin that meets your needs, or you always have the option to create your own custom plugin.

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