DRONE_RUNNER_NETWROKS dosn't work with 1.0

something wrong ?

I see a few issues. First I see that you are running the server and agent on the same machine which is un-necessary. If you are running builds on the same machine as the server, you do not need agents. You can install Drone in single machine mode. https://docs.drone.io/installation/github/single-machine/

Regarding networking, if you are using agents, you need to pass DRONE_RUNNER_NETWORKS to the agent. The screenshot does not show me your full configuration, which makes helping you more difficult. Based on what I can see, I am left to assume you are only passing this value to the server and not to the agent.

I think the issue is because of i use agents in single machine. anyway it works in single machine mode,thanks a lot ! :slightly_smiling_face: