Drone-runner-kube: Support for DRONE_RUNNER_VOLUMES?

Hi, I’ve been running drone with normal agents and DOCKER_RUNNER_VOLUMES works fine. However when migrating to docker-runner-kubernetes, that option doesn’t work anymore.

The documentation says that DRONE_RUNNER_VOLUMES is supported but I’ve took a quick look through the source code and found no option like that.

Is there any plan to support this soon?

My use case is that I want to use volume for cache but I don’t want to make the repositories “trusted” and allow users to mount anything on the host . DOCKER_RUNNER_VOLUMES will limit some specific folders on host for caching.

I’m facing the same problem with the kubernetes runner (beta2 image). I need to mount my self-signed ca-certificate.pem in every step of the pipeline and the DRONE_RUNNER_VOLUMES will be perfect for that.

I need the same and started to work on it. See [plugins/github-release] ca certificates with GHE for details.

fyi: https://github.com/drone-runners/drone-runner-kube/pull/24