Drone-runner-kube on EKS 1.27

Has anyone had success deploying the drone-runner-kube to EKS / K8s 1.27?

We’ve been running the “deprecated” Kube runner with great success on EKS 1.22. However AWS is deprecating that version of Kubernetes, so we’re looking into migrating to 1.27. Drone still deploys and runs beautifully, but the runner is having a hard time with CI pods…

The CI pod schedules, containers get created, and git clone runs. But the first step after cloning will fail to start up. The placeholder container is created and then terminated with exit code 2 (as usual) but it never comes up again with the new image.

I’m not sure if this is a containerd issue or a Kubernetes issue. I have very few leads here.

We’re running drone-runner-kube successfully on 1.27 without any issues. Not using the official helm chart though since we’ve had troubles with it but using GitHub - volker-raschek/drone-runner-charts: Alternative helm chart for the kubernetes based drone runner (with the latest drone-runner-kube image).

Hey thanks, Patrick! It turned out that my problem was not at all related to the EKS version like I thought it was – it was due to our use of ECR to store the git and placeholder images under the same image repository, differentiated only by tag.

I filed this patch against drone-runner-kube to address the issue.