`drone repo rm` missing from cli

I want to remove some repos from drone, but could not find how to do it via cli.
I see that it is mentioned in docs https://docs.drone.io/cli/commands/repo/drone-repo-rm/, but in latest cli I don’t see it

   drone repo - manage repositories

   drone repo command [command options] [arguments...]

     ls       list all repos
     info     show repository details
     enable   enable a repository
     update   update a repository
     disable  disable a repository
     repair   repair repository webhooks
     chown    assume ownership of a repository
     sync     synchronize the repository list

   --help, -h  show help


drone repo rm

also gives me

No help topic for 'rm'

the rm command was renamed to disable to more accurately describe its functionality.

So I can not remove repos from ui? Only deactivate?

I added some repos to drone long time ago, now they are not relevant. It would be nice to be able to remove repos from UI. I want to keep drone clean but don’t know how to do it.

you cannot manually remove repositories since they would just re-appear next time you sync your account. the repository list mirrors what you see in github, so if you do not want something to appear in drone, you would need to remove it from github.

Thanks for the clarification!
It seems to me that it is frontend issue then, I would like to add filters to see only activated repos.
I noticed that drone ui did not changed for 2 years and that it is on react. I would like to keep using drone since I like it, and I know react pretty well. If I rewrite https://github.com/drone/drone-ui and add filters, is there a chance that you will merge PR?

I would like to add filters to see only activated repos.

the user interface sorts repositories and displays active repositories first in the list. active repositories are displayed much more prominently. I therefore recommend disabling your user interface.

I noticed that drone ui did not changed for 2 years and that it is on react.

UI development is active but happens in a separate branch. The master branch is reserved for the legacy 0.8 version.

Ok, good to know!

I disabled all repos except one monorepo on which I am currently working, so my main drone page is full of non relevant repos with one relevant on top. Hiding disabled repos would be nice!

the dashboard should display 1 active repository at the top of the list, followed by 9 inactivate repositories, and then a button to expand the list. Can you provide more detail regarding what UX issues this is causing and why it needs to be changed?

I am good with order you are talking about, I just suggest to add check box “show only active” or “hide disabled”. UX issue here is that disabled repos perceived as noise since I don’t work on them.