Drone Redundant image from private registry

Problem Statement:
I am trying to pull 2 different images from the same private repo. I need both images to run tests since they are both needed. I have added the hostname gcr.io as the registry with the correct authentication info. My .drone.yml is:

    detach: true
    image: gcr.io/{my-project}/service-x:dev-latest

    detach: true
    image: gcr.io/{my-project}/service-y:it-latest

    image: node:latest
      - sleep 60
      - npm run test.all

The repo that the build is executing in is service-y. The service-y correctly pulls and I am able to execute it correctly. However when I try to pull image service-x it pulls and executes service-y instead. Any ideas as to why this happens? Drone version 0.8.0.

I figured out my issue. The images were pulling correctly but I was supplying commands that were overriding the default behavior and not executing the entrypoint. I assumed that when I specified commands I was executing those commands inside the image.