Drone recreate removed repo secrets automatically

When I remove my SLACK_HOOK secret from my repo(we have an orgsecret SLACK_HOOK also), Drone automatically recreates a new secret with that name in that repository again!

Sorry, but I cannot reproduce this behavior. Perhaps you lack permission to remove the secret (this would be indicated in the server debug logs) which is why a page or data refresh would show the secret still exists? In either case, if you feel strongly you have discovered a bug we recommend sending a patch to github.com/drone/drone

Just one note: I remove it, and after recreating , it has a new id value (it increment id), so I think it’s not from the permission, do you have any behavior which cause to generating secret again?
I have administrator permission and also using API to remove it.

nope, I just tested and cannot reproduce, nor have we received any similar reports of this issue from other users.