Drone rebuild cache stuck

The build step for uploading cache is now stuck for a while here: https://ci.terrabasedb.com/terrabasedb/terrabasedb/27/1/4

I’m wondering what’s wrong; I manually uploaded a 300MB file from my local machine to our endpoint and it worked flawlessly

For some context: we’re using MinIO

Retried 500MB, 1GB and 5GB uploads: all of them work flawlessly: might be a specific issue with s3-cache?

Edit: Tried with a small cache size (a dummy program that needs ~10MB cache); works flawlessly. For now I’ve terminated the build.

Looks like this is a problem with large caches

Edit: Kicked off another build here. This one appears to have hung up already

I recommend debugging the plugin source code to see if you can identify the root cause of the behavior you are experiencing. You can find the code here:

Also, a build for the same commit fails for the PR test but passes for the push test.