Drone proposals

Hey !
Moving forward we are opening up our design process into Github. This is to be more transparent about future work, and to gather community interest on possible new features. It also means you can suggest new features too, and work with other community members on requirements and possible solutions. It is a git repo which means that we can collaborate asynchronously GitHub - drone/proposal: Drone Project Design Documents.
The proposal repository is split into 2 sections, one is for design proposals following this template here proposal/TEMPLATE.md at master · drone/proposal · GitHub and we have left the issues section open for comments /conversations about proposals.
For the first public proposal we have the proposal/01-aws-runner.md at master · drone/proposal · GitHub which creates EC2 instances for windows and linux and configures docker on them for plugins.
We are looking forward to your feedback and insight.


Can we make our own proposals on there as well, or is it mainly just for comments on proposals from the Harness team?

anyone can submit a proposal for consideration in accordance with the proposal process https://github.com/drone/proposal#process

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