Drone plugin privileged and environment variables

Greetings friends, I have 2 questions:

  1. I came across the environment variable: DRONE_PLUGIN_PRIVILEGED which “used” to automatically use privileged mode on listed images. Does it still work? Was it replaced? Because it does not seem to work anymore on version 0.8.7

I would like to use my cache image to always run in privileged mode WITHOUT having to add “trust” to all my repositories.

  1. Is there a list of environment image for agent and drone docker images? It would be nice to see all our options when we deploy drone.


yes, there have not been any changes to this variable. If DRONE_PLUGIN_PRIVILEGED stopped working, we would be unable to build and publish Drone itself. So I’m pretty confident it is working as expected. Perhaps it is just not being set correctly.


Maybe I am doing something wrong, heheh but I don’t know what it could be.

Here is a picture of my settings:

But when I add priviledged: true + trust the repository it works correctly…

any idea what could be wrong?

the DRONE_PLUGIN_PRIVILEGED variable needs to be set with the server. This is because the server sends a “compiled” version of the yaml down to the execute for execution.

Just to be safe I had already set it on both the server and the agent:


also, the name of the environment variable is DRONE_ESCALATE

Thanks, BRAD :slight_smile: