Drone-plugin-index pull request backlog?

First off: thanks for creating drone. It’s a super useful tool.

I added a PR for a drone plugin I found that allowed me to build docker images w/o having to change my k8s cluster to allow privileged containers.

While trying to get a sense of how long it might take to get this merged I noticed a large number of unmerged PRs.

It would be great if someone with the right access rights could merge or at least review and comment on some of these PRs. Having a authoritative and lively plugin directory will be important for drone’s growth.


the plan going forward is to no longer host the documentation at plugins.drone.io. Instead you will submit a plugin name, description, icon and documentation link to the plugin-index. Your plugin will still be displayed at plugins.drone.io. However, when you click the plugin, you will be redirected to the plugin’s external documentation link. While perhaps less convenient that hosting all the documentation itself in one place, it reflects the fact that we lack the resources to maintain the status quo.

Would a PR that changes the site as you said be useful?