Drone plugin for sending Matrix notifications failed


I used Drone plugin for sending Matrix notifications but it’s breaking since last build when the pull request “(maint) move to harness. drone. io” is merged.

My configuration:

- name: notify
  image: plugins/matrix
    homeserver: https://***.***
    roomid: "***:***.***"
    userid: "***:***.***"
      from_secret: MATRIX_ACCESSTOKEN
    status: [ failure ]

the error:

time="2023-01-16T13:37:20Z" level=error msg="execution failed: failed to authenticate user: contents=[123 34 101 114 114 99 111 100 ...] msg=Failed to POST JSON to /_matrix/client/r0/login code=400 wrapped=M_INVALID_PARAM: Bad parameter: password"

This error is print from here but I don’t understand normally, UserID and AccessToken are not empty…

I found a solution with specified sha256 image but I thinks it’s not a good solution :wink: :

image: plugins/matrix@sha256:f1affb31b0c86963c97c6f976fa0dcb3cc84272057fd8558d609d28b3064bd7f

I’m alone?

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