Drone plugin - docker without `--no-cache` option

When using drone plugin plugins/docker, I found if there is no docker option --no-cache.


Could you please confirm?

No there is not but there is a build_args

build_args: ["--no-cache"]

And since the plugin runs docker:dind I don’t think you would need such an option since with every build there will be no cache.


I can see the docker build using cache.

I added build_args: ["--no-cache"], but still same result.

The real docker build command is --build-arg --no-cache which is wrong.

For anyone who can’t wait the problem to be fixed, I make a hard code in docker.go

diff --git a/docker.go b/docker.go
index 229a1d0..fe6c81d 100644
--- a/docker.go
+++ b/docker.go
@@ -184,6 +184,7 @@ func commandBuild(build Build) *exec.Cmd {
        args := []string{
+                "--no-cache",
                "-f", build.Dockerfile,
                "-t", build.Name,

And I manually built the plugin image to ozbillwang/docker:1.0. You can pull and use it directly.