/drone permissions?

I’ve noticed that my build for https://github.com/ensime/ensime-emacs is failing with a permission error

cask exec: error: Failed to execute ert-runner: [Errno 13] Permission denied

but if I manually start up the docker container, check out the git repo, and run the contents of .drone.yml, everything is ok.

Unfortunately the command (cask) that fails isn’t giving me any extra info about what exactly failed: it looks like it might even be a python thing.

So what special magic is drone doing? Especially in the /drone directory?

There really isn’t any magic. /drone is a container volume with default docker configuration. It is owned by root, which is standard docker behavior.

The behavior is the same as 0.4

Very weird. I’ll have to work out how to increase the debugging of the tool that is failing.