Drone not running upon GitHub Org repo commits

Hello, I’m having a bit of an issue when trying to trigger builds on my GitHub Organization repos.

kazzkiq/my-personal-repo -> Commit triggers builds just fine.
my-company/some-other-repo -> Commit do not trigger any build.

My user (kazzkiq) is the Owner of this organization.

I’ve also accepted my company in the first OAuth login to Drone panel. And I’ve also checked that webhooks are aparently being called just fine whenever I push a commit.

So it seems that Drone is receiving the webhooks requests, returning success (200) but for some reason it just choses to ignore my organization repos while building normally my personal ones.

Anyone experienced anything related?

Just got the issue solved!

The problem was that in my .drone.yml the default trigger branch was master, but now GitHub uses main as the default branch.

Changed it in my .drone.yml and it worked perfectly!

Thank you for the confirmation, have a great day ahead!!