Drone + Kubernetes Secrets

The 0.9 technology preview (which is basically just an alpha) supports a new Kubernetes secrets integration. Read more here https://blog.drone.io/drone-kubernetes-secrets/


This is super interesting. Thanks for making this.

The blog links to readme.drone.io for the 0.9.0 preview installation instructions. I’m confused, I thought readme is for version 0.5.0 or something. Can’t decide if the info there is super old, or super new :neutral_face: Can you advise?

I needed a place to temporarily host the 0.9 documentation while in alpha and while I work out a multi-version documentation website. So in the short term, I decided to replace the old 0.5 documentation since that version was deprecated. When 0.9 is launched, both readme.drone.io and docs.drone.io will resolve to the same website :slight_smile:

Got it. Was asking because readme was causing headache in the past.

It ranks high on Google, and new users often ended up there, only realizing some time later that the flags they try to use are outdated. Best not to give ammunition to the skeptics so I think pointing both URLs to the same doc will be perfect. :+1:

this works on 1.0rcX?

I have not been able to get it to work. Waiting on the 1.0 source release to dig in and debug.

The problem was with the official image, which was outdated. Others have confirmed building from source with the following patch resolved the problem.

I have since merged the patch and published a new image.

I tried to use the latest image at https://hub.docker.com/r/drone/kubernetes-secrets

and got this error: standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused "exec format error"

Could somehow a container with the wrong ARCH got uploaded there?

excuse me, why can’t you open this page? https://readme.drone.io/extend/secrets/kubernetes/

tttlkkkl I guess the documentation for external secrets (eg, Kubernetes) has moved to this link.