Drone jsonnet with plugin triggers

Hello, we are using drone with the https://github.com/microadam/drone-config-changeset-conditional plugin, I wanted to convert our config to jsonnet to improve readability but for now I want to start slow by using the jsonnet file to generate the yaml file.
My issue is that the conversion process drops any unknown keys and I found no way to tell it that changeset is a valid trigger so it does not drop it.

Is there any way to do that ?

In my case, we are using: https://github.com/meltwater/drone-convert-pathschanged

and drone jsonnet --stream auto remove include in when:paths condition.

The reason is: https://github.com/drone/drone-yaml/blob/master/yaml/pretty/pipeline.go#L161

I guess you have to add changeset here: https://github.com/drone/drone-yaml/blob/master/yaml/pretty/pipeline.go#L122

to make it to be considered as a valid condition.