Drone isn't starting new builds when using the 'New Build' button

I’m seeing this in my logs for the Drone container, but I’m not really sure what to do with it:

"msg": "trigger: skipping hook. found skip directive"

After a brief thought, I’m thinking it might be due to me adding [CI SKIP] to the latest commit in my repository?

This all happened during a rebase between branches (i.e. from alpha to beta), so there was, at one point, a time when alpha builds were triggered, and I now just need to do some builds after merging everything from alpha into beta.

Your assessment is correct. If the commit message contains [CI SKIP] the build is not executed, even if you click the new build button.

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Sounds good.

I’m not sure if I’d want it to act otherwise (I’m thinking about how it would even be implemented), but I got all the info I need to get to an answer.


It may make sense to change this behavior and ignore checking for [CI SKIP] when the event type is custom (the event type used when manually starting a build). cc @TP_Honey

I felt like I was forgetting something I was originally thinking of - that was it.

Like what you said, I think that, when using the New Build button anyway, Drone should ignore any skipping checks.

Reasoning would be something along the lines of that I’m calling a build manually, so there wouldn’t be many scenarios where I would want the build skipped, even if there was already something in the commit message stating otherwise.

On the contrary, I think that there would be reasons to support it, such as the reason mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph above.