Drone.io components clarification


we’re trying out drone.io (for a team of 2). I setup the agent and server in a compose file and everything is working beautifully. I tried to explore the cli a bit as the web-ui doesn’t seem to “say” much in terms of configuration, etc…

On the CLI, I am stuck at, “Please provide autoscaler address”. I found the git(hub) repository, and I am sure I can run it, I just wanted to clarify if I needed it if all I want is an agent (or maybe 2-3 via docker-compose) to execute some test runs.

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere, I was unable to find it.


It sounds like you are trying to use CLI commands that are only available when the autoscaler is installed. If you are not using the autoscaler these commands are not available.

The autoscaler is an optional component. It is typically used by teams that want to automatically scale agents up and down. Since you have manually provisioned agents, and have a small number of agents, you probably do not want to use the autoscaler.

Ah, makes sense and thanks for the quick answer.

So even drone server ls will not work with a single server?

I was mostly trying to find out if my “configuration” worked? The Web-UI doesn’t seem to expose much of an “admin interface”. I looked for a settings page of some sort, that would tell me if e.g. my S3/minio setup is being utilised.

drone server ls returns a list of all servers (e.g. aws instances, gcp instances, etc) created by the autoscaler. If you are not using the autoscaler, the command is not available.


@bradrydzewski Any feedback on this?