Drone.io build step ends in 403


I have a pipeline which I’ve used for several months without problem. Now since few days back it has started to fail, giving a 403 Forbidden error. But the strange thing is that it is not from the pipeline command output but rather seems to be from Drone itself? I have not seen this before and I can’t see anything from logs nor the pipeline output to give any indication where it fails.

The last two build steps are identical part from which file they are syncing. The second last step seems to run successfully, just when it finishes it says exit code 0 and then it fails the whole build.

How do I troubleshoot this?


1 error occurred: * 403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden

Hey @tallinger can you provide a drone.yaml for this? to me this looks like a 403 from a request that the rsync-china-php step is sending - not drone itself - especially considering all other steps pass