DRONE_HOST isn't used in webhooks

I see the documentation says DRONE_HOST is required so Drone can determine where it’s running (http://docs.drone.io/installation/)

Looking at the code, I don’t ever see this being used. The webhooks are all generated based on the incoming HTTP request. This breaks my Docker setup since it’s trying to use “localhost” instead of “drone-server”

Relevant code, line 81 is appears to be using that util to parse the URL from the request instead of using configured DRONE_HOST https://github.com/drone/drone/blob/29785b86f6534ded974120de0fcf7c21397a9d0d/server/repo.go

Hi Nick, there are a few existing topics where this was discussed. In these topics I provide some background and some technical detail. I recommend searching DRONE_HOST in this forum will hopefully surface these discussions.