DRONE_HOST in webhooks

Hi all, first of all thanks for the great work

There seems to be a problem with DRONE_HOST:
If drone is behind a reverse proxy, drone builds its webhooks from the HOST heaser in Http requests.

  1. What is DRONE_HOST for?
    As mentioned in this issue
    it is quite confusing. Of course drone behind a proxy can’t know its own address -> This is what I would expect this variable for

  2. In the documentation you might mention:

proxy_set_header Host $host;

as this seems to be what drone is looking for (at least it is not highlighted)

DRONE_HOST was a last-minute hotfix, because we could not ascertain the hostname for GRPC requests. So if you have a reverse proxy sitting in front of Drone, you need to set both the DRONE_HOST and the X-Forwarded-* variables. We have some sample configurations available, for reference http://docs.drone.io/setup-with-nginx/

Eventually DRONE_HOST will be the only required configuration, but that will require some refactoring. I would expect it to be addressed in 0.9.


@bradrydzewski - thanks! What’s the expected delivery date for 0.9 (is there a roadmap)?

The roadmap and progress can be tracked here https://github.com/drone/drone/projects/4