Drone Helm Chart

Is the version of Helm Chart for Drone (https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/drone) compatible with the 1.0 release? Is there anything else that has changed besides the version of the docker image, that needs to be overridden with the value properties?

Hey Alex, 1.0-rc.1 is not compatible with the Helm chart yet. Many of the configuration parameters changed and the Helm Chart needs to be updated accordingly once 1.0-final is available.

Do you have a timeline for when that is expected to happen?

There is an open PR to update the Helm chart. I would recommend following that for updates.

I would also recommend checking our announcements on Friday. There are going to be some significant improvements announced for running Drone on Kubernetes :smiley: I would expect these changes to greatly simplify the helm chart.

Why! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT! I don’t like you… I hate waiting…

On the plus side our usage of Drone is still very early in it’s infancy so this shouldn’t hurt to much.

It’s mere hours away… I’m on tenterhooks @bradrydzewski

Hoping I have something awesome (and new to play with) to wake up.

OK here you go:

I would like to propose that the Helm chart only gives the option to run Drone for Kubernetes. Going forward I would like to deprecate support for agents. Kubernetes support is beta right now in Drone, but it is definitely the future :slight_smile:

New version of my branch is up, it’s agent-less

Thanks for your work on that helm chart. I will put some time in this week and see if I can get it deployed to our cluster.