Drone future plans / roadmap

Hello Drone Community,

I’m using Drone since late 2018 in combination with Gitea. (It replaced an old environment containing Phabricator + Jenkins.) I always loved the simplicity of the pipeline syntax and the installation. Especially if you want to run it by yourself.

So I’m a little concerned about what the acquisition by harness means to this product / project.

  • What are the plans for Drone?
    • Will Drone just be integration in the portfolio and the development continued?
      What does it mean for the open-source part?
    • Will it die in the long term?

Do we have to migrate to Woodpecker?
Maybe it’s worth sharing the plans / roadmap with the community?

I think the questions related to the road map were already answered in the meetup :wink:


Great idea about the roadmap! I think that’s a great idea and will discuss with the Product Manager and team to see if we can get one out to the community.