Drone features support

Hi, I need to evaluate drone as a CI candidate. Zuul is currently used any mainly because of its capability to orchestrate pipelines based on multiple PR dependencies. For example, feature1 (PR1) depends on another pull request that introduce feature2 (PR2) that is only working with a new library (PR3). In the case of Zuul, it will test the new library (PR3), then if no error, will then test feature2 (PR2) that depends on this new library. When feature2 have been tested with success, only then feature1 (PR1) can be tested. Does Drone CI have a similar capacity? In other words, can Drone manage tests with multiple PRs dependencies.

The feature you are describing is, based on my understanding, unique to zuul which was designed to solve this specific use case. We do not solve for this use case in Drone, so if this is an important feature, you may find that zuul is the best fit for your requirements.