Drone exec without docker


I’m’ trying to execute simple pipeline by drone exec:

drone exec --pipeline build drone.yml


kind: pipeline
type: exec
name: build

os: linux
arch: amd64


  • name: build
    • sudo docker build -t bi:devel .

When executing drone exec I’m getting this error:
2019/10/28 10:54:14 linter: invalid or missing image

Why I need an image, when I’m using type: exec?

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drone exec only support docker pipelines at this time.

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Besides trusting that the limitation statement would’ve been a welcome addition to the documentation, I would also vote in favour of this feature with the ability to set the initial docker image to be used as a replica of the exec runner environment. Something like:

drone exec --image=node/13-alpine

I’m currently using an exec runner as it’s the only one running on docker containers without privileged access. i.e ACI
With that in mind, it becomes easier to isolate a docker image with all I need and install the runner in it. Since it’s already been ran from an image, using that same image as a base of the local execution would be great.