Drone exec is not compatible with image_pull_secrets

drone exec (on private repo) works only if the image is already available locally on the computer. In other words, the image will never be pulled from the remote server (with drone exec) and it seems that the image_pull_secrets: dockerconfigjson authentication info is not used.


  • dockerconfigjson

My drone exec command:
echo DRONE_COMMIT=(git rev-parse HEAD)>.drone/env.txt & echo DRONE_BRANCH=(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)>>.drone/env.txt & drone exec --pipeline test --resume-at suite1 --secret-file .drone/secrets.txt --env-file .drone/env.txt .drone.yml

How can I “drone exec” on a private repo?
Thank you

See Howto drone exec private docker registry (drone 1.1)

It works if we put the credentials like this with:
drone exec … --registry=https://user:pass@myregistry.com
(+don’t forget the pull: if-not-exists)
Thank you!