Drone event system

I have a docker container I need to spin up in parallel after it is built. I can’t do this using groups because the container runs indefinitely, and the group gets stuck. Yes, I can use a timeout to force shutdown the container after a certain amount of time, but it is a hacky solution and forces me to override the default command inside the container.

There are two possible ways to accomplish this, but they would both be dependant on some sort of primitive event system.

Services could be dependant on a certain step in the pipeline.

Drone groups could shut down when a certain container in the group is finished.

If I understand correctly, you want to start a service container from the pipeline without blocking. You can use the detach: true parameter to achieve this behavior:

    detach: true

That’s exactly what I want. I’m so happy right now. Thanks!

@jamrizzi would you mind contributing to the docs with this new found info? :wink:

@tonglil https://github.com/drone/docs/pull/309

Oh, I just realized you contributed detached mode to the docs.