Drone-downstream with 0.5 release

hi there,

been a while :slight_smile: working on upgrading our drone instance to 0.5, seems drone-downstream is now broken.I have those output everytime i try to use it :
Drone Downstream Plugin built from e546137
panic: EOF
goroutine 1 [running]:
panic(0x733060, 0xc82000a100)
/usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:481 +0x3e6
/drone/src/github.com/drone-plugins/drone-downstream/vendor/github.com/drone/drone-go/plugin/plugin.go:132 +0x59
/drone/src/github.com/drone-plugins/drone-downstream/main.go:34 +0x345

is the downstream really broken or am i doing something wrong ?

finally if the plugin is really broken, how to upgrade it , any tips maybe ?


The downstream plugin is not migrated to 0.5 and only works with 0.4 at this time.

The list of plugins compatible with 0.5 can be found in the new plugin registry at http://plugins.drone.io

There is a community-contributed plugin that triggers builds and works with 0.5 that is not yet listed in the registry. Have a look at https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/drone-trigger

will test it right away !

thanks @bradrydzewski !

Just tested the advised plugin

can’t make it work even following examples from the README.md :frowning: @vaijab maybe you can point me where i did something wrong.

whatever i do , i’m still stuck at a client error 404

Any luck with this? I’ve just updated to drone 0.7.3 and am having the same exact issue. It seems like the drone trigger repo might already be out of date. I see that some things have changed in drone/client that UKHomeOffice/drone-trigger appears to use in a vendor folder.

I don’t know anything about GO really, but I just spent some time seeing if simply updating the dependencies would fix it. It appears that’s not the case.

Any news would be great!