Drone doesn't list repositories inside subgroups synced with GitLab

The drone dashboard only list my repositories on the first level, for example:

I’m the creator and owner for the group named “GROUP X”, and I have 3 projects inside. When I see the dashboard, it list all the first level repos and its ok but if i create a new subgroup called “Subgroup A” and store 2 new repos there, after refreshing and resync the drone dashboard, it not list the new subgroup created and nothing of the repos inside.

The Drone Dashboard shows me:

  • GROUP X (listing)
    • Repo 1 (listing)
    • Repo 2 (listing)
    • Repo 3 (listing)
    • Subgroup A (Not listing)
      • Repo 4 (Not listing)
      • Repo 5 (Not listing)

Any ideas why is it happening ? Maybe missing a GitLab configuration ?

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