I test Paths_Change_Extension plugin with Github installation by following the steps from this link. (GitHub - meltwater/drone-convert-pathschanged: Drone conversion extension to include/exclude pipelines and pipeline steps based on paths changed).
But, when I run the following pipeline in Drone, I get <Post “http://myatnoe.digitalstacks.net:8080”: dial tcp i/o timeout> error. Could anyone please give some suggestions?


kind: pipeline
name: readme

  • name: message
    image: busybox
    • echo "README.md was changed”

Got the similar issue, and the container logs shows {“level”:“debug”,“msg”:“converter: invalid or missing signature in http.Request”,“time”:“2021-08-18T01:33:58Z”}, not sure is there any limitation for this extension and drone server version, currently I use drone 1.8.1

Got the similar issue […] invalid or missing signature in http.Request

These look like separate issues.

The original post looks like an i/o timeout due to a dns issue, however, the error you posted would indicate the http signature does not match.

The most common root cause for the error you posted is when DRONE_CONVERT_PLUGIN_SECRET and DRONE_SECRET mismatch. The mismatch causes the server to sign the http request using one secret, and the extension to try and verify the header using another secret, which returns this error.