Drone Cloud ARM64 builds are hanging (not starting) since around November 8th

Some time between November 3rd and November 8th builds on Drone Cloud ARM64 stopped running – it looks like the jobs are getting queued, but then just hang while waiting to get allocated a builder (similar to when the arm32 machines got taken offline) for a few days until it gets killed.

Any news on what is going on?

For reference, here is the dashboard for one of the latest queued builds: Drone CI
And our Drone CI config file: HELICS/.drone.yml at main · GMLC-TDC/HELICS · GitHub

Same for me for all my builds, multiple repos, same date range, same for both ARM64 & AMD64 builds, after a day pass the builds are marked as failed even thought they never even started, reference repo to show it also happening in AMD64 Drone CI

I’m copying/pasting a reply I just made in the other recent thread on this topic:

Unfortunately cloud.drone.io has a fixed amount of resources, so if users queue a large amount of pipelines, they will block pipelines for other users.

We are trying to create more content around running your own Drone server and runners, such as Drone CI Quickstart - YouTube and Run your own Drone CI - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻.

Harness CI also offers a free tier that you can check out here.

Has there been any follow up on this. I’ve just tried to configure my first ARM64 pipeline and it’s just sitting in status pending.