Drone Cloud: ARM32 OOMs when building

We’re using VSCode source to build our product however when we reach the build process, the ARM builder OOMs for some reason.

There’s probably not enough resource allocation for ARM32 compared to its 64-bit worker counterparts.

I recommend having a look at this thread: Running out of memory compiling on Cloud.drone.io. This individual ran into similar issues because processes on 32-bit systems cannot allocate more than 4GB of memory. The arm32 machines have 128GB ram and should be able to handle most workloads.

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Thanks for the reply, while as much it gave us insight I don’t think it gives a solution for my case. If we have 128GB RAM then the program should be able to address it but it can’t for some reason.

my understanding is that 32-bit systems cannot address more than 4 GiB of memory

Natively, a 32-bit processor can only handle 4 GiB of RAM, since there are only 2 ^ 32 = 4,294,967,296 different numbers that can be represented using 32 bits. Whenever you store something in the memory, you need to save the address to be able to read or manipulate it.

more details at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1119278/why-does-a-32-bit-os-support-4-gb-of-ram

That’s what I figured as well. If we have 128GB RAM then we must have a better way to compile ARM32 without the limitation of the ARM32 itself.

@sr229 Cross compiling works around the limitation.

I appreciate a simple guide on how I can achieve that right now.