Drone cloud Arm builds step stuck pending forever

All of my repos that has arm builds in them have for the past week had all their arm builds stuck pending to start for a day or so then have the build fail as a result of the arm build never starting, all those builds have multi arch builds where the amd64 & arm64 works.

Example builds:

(and many more)

This has been going on close to a week, all of the builds started failing for this reason across multiple repos (that don’t share a codebase) without any changes done to the drone configs or YAML file at the same time which leads me to believe the problem is on the server side.

Has anyone been able to trigger an Arm (not arm64) build on Drone.io cloud service? my gut feeling is that this is somehow related to drone/drone-runner-docker docker hub image seeming to drop arm support starting with version 1.8.1 from a few months ago (up to 1.8.0 I can see arm in the list of os/arch but in 1.8.1 & 1.8.2 it seemed to be missing) but want to confirm the problem is indeed not localized to only my Arm builds as I suspect.

Unfortunately our arm32 servers reached end of life and were removed from the data center (we had no control over this). None of the major clouds provide arm32 hardware (amazon, google, etc only support arm64) which means we have been unable to find replacement hardware. If we cannot find a cloud vendor that supports arm32 we may need to deprecate arm32 on Drone Cloud.

That is unfortunate but of course can’t blame you (the drone team), I do however suggest it might be wise to put out a deprecation notice about Arm no longer being supported on Drone Cloud? I’m doubtful I’m the only user facing issues as a result.