Drone CLI's `--token` option does not work

If I create a machine user with CLI and try to specify a token for that user:

drone user add testuser --machine --token ONE_TOKEN
Successfully added user testuser
Generated account token ANOTHER_TOKEN

What happens is that the user is created with another (randomly generated) token.

This is problematic, because if I want to create a user automatically (e.g. creating a user for Autoscaler with Ansible), it’s tricky to get the token out of the printed text (which is not a stable API), instead of specifying it.

Looking into the code it seems that the words token and hash are a bit mixed up and that is causing the problem.

First a user object is created with a Token:

This is marshalled as token:

Then it’s sent to the server:

But when the server unmarshals it:

It doesn’t find it:

And more importantly, it doesn’t even look at token, but at hash instead:

So it generates a random one:

And sends it back as token:

Finally, the client prints it:

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Now, that someone else has bumped into this issue as well, I’d like to ping this topic.

I’m not sure, what’s customary here, but after being ignored for more than a month, can I get an “acknowledged”, “won’t fix”, “fix it yourself” or any other reaction please?

complaining is customary, sending a pull request is desired.