Drone cli 403 trying to use orgsecret/user/etc

When I try to run
drone orgsecret ls|add <options> I get the error: ‘client error 403 {“message”:“Forbidden”}’ I also get this error for drone user ls|info|add and probably others. I’ve just started setting this up.

drone secret ls <repo> works fine along with drone info, drone -v -> 1.1.0, I’m also able to use drone exec locally.

I started with registering Drone as an OAuth app in my Github account (which has Admin access to the github org I want to work with. I used the DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT_ID and DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET from there. I also tried registering Drone to the Github org and using the github org drone client_id and client_secret - but I’m still getting 403’s.

You must be a system admin to use this endpoint. https://docs.drone.io/administration/user/admins/

Ah - thanks! Completely missed that.

Would be nice, if the linked documentation also contains some information about that. Its only mentioning repo secrets.