Drone CI runs all steps simultaneously when I use depends_on instead or only 2 specified

Hi all,

I’m using Drone Ci 1.0.4 recently ran into mysterious issue with Drone CI. My CI pipeline consists of 6 steps. First 3 step should run in a sequence. Steps 4 and 5 are independent and can run at the same time. Step 6 should notify me if build was successful
I recently added
- step_4
- step_5
And I noticed strange behavior: all steps 1-6 run at the same time. It causes steps to fail if they depend on each other
Any help with my issue would be appreciated

This is expected. A pipeline is either represented as a sequence (denends_on is never used) or a graph (depends_on is used). When your pipeline is defined as a graph you must define the ordering using depends_on for all steps. Per the documentation:

Note that when you define the dependency graph you must configure dependencies for all pipeline steps.

Thank you for a prompt reply @bradrydzewski! Very helpful answer