Drone can't get repository list with gogs

I had everything working with drone .7 (i guess that was the version). and then, with version 1 of drone, Im no longer able to get the list of repositories.
I’ve checked and drone is able to create the token in my gogs applications.
I have just copied the example single machine gogs example from the documentation(so latest version of drone) and am getting the following error:

{"error":"Internal Server Error","level":"warning","login":"maysam","msg":"syncer: cannot get remote repository list","time":"2019-07-27T07:57:17Z"}
{"error":"Internal Server Error","level":"warning","msg":"api: cannot synchronize account","request-id":"1OaSVT3kGvv7YEf3QCpWgQtpn6o","time":"2019-07-27T07:57:17Z","user.login":"maysam"

something i should add is that i had the previous version working, used the templated in the example to create a docker compose, it started failing with not being able to clone the repositories stating the device isn’t found. i removed the drone db, the compose and drone container and started fresh all over again and haven’t been able to do what i wanted to do ever since.

my gogs version: 2017 Gogs Version: and I checked, they have changed api for something from gogit/gogs to gogs/gogs in latest versions. could this be the problem?


Are you using http for Gogs by any chance? the newer version of Drone seems to default to https which causes some problems when trying to connect to Gogs.

It may be worthwhile looking in that direction.

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yup, gogs is on http. but i have set the url like: