Drone: cannot connect to X server

I have installed drone CLI in my machine and drone-server and drone-agent is running on same machine. While executing commands throwing error like “drone: cannot connect to X server”.

Any help on this…?

One more help please…!
I want to trigger builds in the early morning in the specific time and for configuring the pipeline according to the changes made in bitbucket from repository…

I am new to Drone… Please help in this scenario to go head.


This sounds like your tests require an xserver, but would need to see your drone file and more details from the logs.

assuming your test do require xserver you need to make sure thats inside the container and setup.

This repo does use an xserver but i had to make a custom docker image to achieve this.

Thanks for the quick response.

I have fixed “drone: cannot connect to X server” this issue.

Currently I am running Drone server and agent in the same machine.

For now I stuck at different scenario like, my current requirement is i need to run some scripts(like Ubuntu Dependencies scripts…etc) in the particular server when ever we do any code changes in the bitbucket repository, so for that how to write a yml file for this.

Basically i am new to Drone.io

Please help me to come out from this scenario.


Well drone will run what ever you tell it in the commands list like scripts apt commands.

really your dependencies should already be resolved in the container your pulling, but if you do need a few more just add apt install packages as one of the commands to run like in the example above where i pull pip dependencies.

Thanks for the response…!

I have once doubt…! Without Docker Image or container in pipeline can we run custom scripts in .yml file when we push code to repository…?

As of now still i am not able to understand Drone.io flow … How it works and i am not able to find drone architecture.

Hi Mark,

Can you please give me an update on this… once you get the free time…!!