Drone Build Fails with "Skipped" Error

Starting today, we have started seeing an error where the drone build are repeatedly failing with builds:skipped error.
It was running absolutely fine till yesterday and we have been running the same pipeline for over 2 years without any issues.
Checking the pod logs in “drone-pat” namespace, we get below message:

{“error”:“stream: not found”,“level”:“warning”,“msg”:“manager: cannot teardown log stream”,“step.id”:19592,“step.name”:“docker build/push dev”,“step.status”:“skipped”,“time”:“2022-08-05T13:07:23Z”}
{“error”:“stream: not found”,“level”:“warning”,“msg”:“manager: cannot teardown log stream”,“step.id”:19593,“step.name”:“create database”,“step.status”:“skipped”,“time”:“2022-08-05T13:07:23Z”}
{“error”:“stream: not found”,“level”:“warning”,“msg”:“manager: cannot teardown log stream”,“step.id”:19594,“step.name”:“deploy”,“step.status”:“skipped”,“time”:“2022-08-05T13:07:23Z”}
{“commit”:“c5d0e32aa5e663cfbd322e773bd8bb26b6f7f2ba”,“event”:“push”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“trigger: skipping pipeline, does not match branch”,“pipeline”:“generate client”,“ref”:“refs/heads/indep-configs-integration”,“repo”:“exg/experimentum-backend”,“time”:“2022-08-05T13:14:59Z”}

Not sure what could go wrong, with no changes being done to the pipeline ?
FYI… we are using drone image 1.9.0.

Thank you very much

@Ayush_Kumar what git provider are you using? Could the default branch have been renamed recently? The skipping pipeline, does not match branch error makes me think that could be the cause.

@jimsheldon : We are using Git enterprise. The default branch has not been changed. The same has been used for more than 2 years and there hasn’t been any change recently.
Could it be because of the drone version, just a food for thought ?

skipping pipeline, does not match branch

when you see this message, it means there is a when clause in the yaml that does not match the branch in the incoming webook, and, as a result the pipeline is skipped.

cannot teardown log stream

In newer versions of drone, this log entry was moved to either trace or debug since this is not indicative of an error. So this can be ignored.

Build Fails with “Skipped” Error

have you considered upgrading to a newer Drone release? I do recall there was an issue in older versions of Drone where the error message was not being displayed in the user interface. The ability to see the error will make debugging these situations easier for your team (and our team, if you end up needing help). This was fixed a while back, so I recommend upgrading to the latest stable release, which is 2.12.1 (at the time of writing this comment).

thanks @brad . it actually turned out that the complete build was failing because there was an error with one particular step and the subsequent steps had “depends_on” condition on the previous step. Hence we were getting a “skipping pipeline” error.
Happy to close the case. Thanks again for your support @brad @jimsheldon