Drone behind AWS ELB with proxy_protocol

Hello! I have an ELB with enabled proxy_protocol (L3 balancing, SSL termination on it).
Also I have a nginx ingress behind ELB.
Now, I’m trying to set up Drone in my kubernetes cluster, but I’m getting this error:

level=error msg=“cannot authenticate user. redirect_uri_mismatch The redirect_uri MUST match the registered callback URL for this application. https://developer.github.com/apps/managing-oauth-apps/troubleshooting-authorization-request-errors/#redirect-uri-mismatch

It causes because Drone thinks it works with HTTP, because the termination sets up on ELB
Also it sends wrong redirect_uri to github:

client_id: <client id>
redirect_uri: http://<my host>/authorize
response_type: code
scope: repo repo:status user:email read:org
state: drone

As far I know X-Forwarded-For doesn’t work with proxy_protocol. How can I fix it?